starting a podcast with Anchor

How do I start a podcast? This was the exact question I asked my friend, Wale Bams, a fellow podcaster a few days before I started the Twenty-Somethings Rant Podcast on the 15th of May, 2019. His reply was “you can start a podcast with Anchor”.

I know that sounded so easy and like you now after he said that, I still had a million and one questions to ask about Anchor and podcasting.

starting a podcast with Anchor

I am always talking

I should say that prior to this time, I had little or no idea about podcasting. His Podcast was the first podcast I listened to and what fascinated me was, he was doing it himself!

He was recording, interviewing people, editing, everything. In my head, he had his own radio station without having to rob a bank.

I was in awe of that and I sort for how to get on it too. Like, I can have my own show on the internet, just like that! Wow! I was hyped.

Jessica starting a podcast with Anchor

I cant remember what I saying oh

The same way I was hyped about starting a YouTube channel. Lol, I have tried and failed at many things guys, I have no shame in saying that.

So when the devil reminded me of my failure with YouTube, blogging (at this time I had put my blog on hold) and a few other things, I told him to get behind me. Read up on some of the times i failed here.

Regardless of the hiccups, I was going to try. I mean, even if I fail, one thing is always certain, I will learn. I want you to also remember this if you decide to start your Podcast journey.

starting a podcast with Anchor

OK. talking gives me joy

It won’t be easy, but if you love it, keep at it! What’s the worst that can happen? You fail, you learn, you pass, you still learn and continue, last, last, we go all dey alright.

Anway, Wale was able to answer a few of my questions about podcasting and others I went on YouTube, Google and mostly through trials and errors to find answers.

Six months after, I am here to tell you, you too can start a Podcast with Anchor for free. Yup!! No jokes! None at all.

Of course, the next question would be, how? This is why you are reading this anyway, but just before we jump into that, let’s talk briefly about podcasting.

What is a Podcast?
A Podcast in simple terms is an audio file or recording made available on the internet.

By putting audio on the internet, it becomes downloadable and as such, it is content for the audience to consume. Does that make sense?

I really hope you got that part, but I am guessing your mind is on the next question.

starting a podcast with Anchor

How fake is my mic?? LOL

How do I get this recording on the internet?

I gotcha you darling!

This is where Anchor comes in. To get your recording on the internet, you need a host. If you are conversant with blogging, you must have heard of WordPress, blogger and the rest?

Well, the same applies to a podcast. You need a podcasting host. This is different from Itunes, Google podcast and your other favorite places to listen to podcasts. Those are called podcasting directories, i.e distribution channels.

Original picture from Google

The podcasting host makes the podcast available to other channels, it is basically the starting point. While some simply use their website as their podcast host, some people like me, don’t.

I advise you use a host different from your website simply because, on days when your website is down, or probably expired, your audience can still listen and enjoy your audio content.

It’s funny how I just typed that so confidently when I didn’t even know that before I started my podcast.

You are lucky, now I know and that’s my advice to you.

While there are other podcasting hosts available, some paid and others free, I started my podcast with Anchor for free.

starting a podcast with Anchor

I didnt lie joor.. lol

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait biko, I literarily jumped some very important aspect oh! Oh my God, sorry, allow me to rewind a bit.

Just before we talk more about getting your Podcast on Anchor, permit me to ask, do you have your content ready?

Have you thought of a name for your Podcast? What format is your Podcast? Is it just you, or would you have a co-host or guests? If you have, weldone! You are right on track!

starting a podcast with Anchor

Another mic… lol

If you don’t, not to worry, you are kinda on track too. I will tell you a little secret, I started my Podcast, Twenty-Somethings Rant without having answers to all those questions too.

Listen to my first episode here, I promise, you would have a good laugh. It was so spontaneous, has no sound effect, no jiggle, nothing, nothing at all.

In fact, I started it as an avenue for me to rant. The first 2 episodes were just me recording and having fun. But as I grew, I started to have guests and more meaningful discussions.

Now, I rarely have a show without a guest. What am I trying to say? Don’t overthink it, darling. While it is important for you to have some structure or ideas around what you want to do, please don’t overthink it.

starting a podcast with Anchor

OK oh

In fact, in my own theory, if you are starting out as a beginner, i.e no fancy equipment, no director, studio and all those (that’s how I started too), simply pick up your phone, record yourself talking about something that interests you and publish on the internet.

Yeah! Just like that! If you do this consistently for a period of time, you would improve and eventually find your balance.

Ok, ok, ok, now you want to know how you can publish your audio recordings on the internet. This brings us back to the Anchor app.

Anchor App allows you to record or import your audio and publish it across various platforms using your phone or computer. This app is available on IOS or Android.

In other words, all you need to start your podcast with Anchor for free is, download the app, sign up and indicate that you intend to create a podcast. Once this is done, you are halfway to becoming a podcaster.

After signing up, here are quick steps to recording and publishing your podcast on Anchor;

Tap the ‘+’ icon from the create screen to view Anchor’s creation tools.

Record your audio by tapping the ‘Record’ button. The maximum amount of recording time in the Anchor mobile app is 60 minutes.

Once you are done recording, with Anchor, you can edit your audio, add background music and more. We will chat about this in subsequent podcast post.

The most important thing now is, after you have recorded, go ahead and publish, you would need to add your podcast name, episode title, description and more.

But again, don’t overthink it, regardless of what you start with, you can always change in the future. So, just start!

This is where I wrap up this post on starting your podcast with Anchor for free. If you need more assistance, you can always contact me or simply hit me up on any of my social media platforms.

Ok? Now, tell me your favorite podcast in the comment, make sure to include the Twenty-Somethings Rant podcast oh!

Also, are you starting a podcast soon?