Vision Board from Pinterest

Late 2019/early 2020, I had the opportunity of hosting two vision board parties for Twenties in Lagos Nigeria. It was a beautiful experience to set goals and create a vision board with young adults like myself,  and the plan was to make it a yearly thing but guess what??

COVID 19 happened!

Since the virus and lockdown, I have been skeptical about hosting any events. So I was forced to create one for myself at home, I missed the bubbly spirit and chatter though but  I decided to share tips on how I created my vision board for 2021 with you.

I should mention that my approach to creating a vision board this year was different. I have been setting goals and creating vision boards for three years, so when I say this was different, I mean it was different.

Before working on my board for this year, I had a conversation on goal setting, vision boarding, and manifesting the life of your dreams with Banke Sotomi.Banke Sotomi, vision board coach

Banke Sotomi is a life and executive transformational coach, popularly known as ‘The Unstuck Mentor’. She has years of experience under her belt teaching women and men how to create the lives of their dreams with results to show.

On Thursday, we got talking and she shared some of her best coaching tips on the subject with me, these tips changed everything for me and gave me a better understanding of what I needed to do better with my vision boarding technique.

Lucky you, I recorded our conversation and you can listen to it on Twenty Somethings Rant podcast which is available on Anchor, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Audiomack, Radio Public and more.Twenty Somethings Rant about vision board

In my opinion, you should listen to the whole conversation to create an effective vision board for 2021; nevertheless, I will share how I created mine differently.

  1. I did the inner work of asking myself ‘what I want?’ This led me to writing a long list of things I wanted for myself.
  2. From the long list, I began a process of elimination, removing things that weren’t relevant or realistic.
  3. With the new list more aligned with who I see myself becoming, I picked my top 3 goals for the year 2021.
  4. I went further by breaking my core goals into quarterly and half year goals.
  5. Then, I went online for pictures representing the goals I had written down and downloaded them.
  6. Opened the Canva app, clicked on create a new design, choose a size for my laptop and one for my phone.
  7. Then uploaded the pictures on to Canva, carefully putting each picture on my template.
  8. Once that was done, I downloaded my design, and saved as my phone and laptop screen saver.

That’s a quick run down of how I created my board. If you want to know more on this topic, go listen to Banke on Twenty Somethings Rant podcast.The unstuck mento, Banke Sotomi

I hope this helps you with creating your vision board for 2021.