A month after and I only starting to feel like myself again. I never would have thought much change could happen in a month, truthfully speaking, I am thankful to finally be out of October and now in November. Just before I take you into what has happened with me in the last one month, allow me wish you a Happy New Month!

I pray this month of November brings you all your heart desires and more. November, please be good to us!

Life Lately

The last time I was here, I told you about my experience protesting in Lagos. What I didn’t get to tell you was this protest lasted for two weeks. For two weeks, Nigerian Youths held the economy of the nation to ransom protesting online and offline across various states and local goverment.

We were brave, relentless, articulate and precise with our demands for an End to SARS. Our leaders did not see it coming; they tried severally to bring an end to the protest using different tactics but it didn’t work, then they did the unthinkable to silent us.

The Lekki Massacre; October 20, 2020, the Nigerian military opened fire on unarmed protesters singing the national anthem and raising the National flag at the Lekki Toll gate, Lagos, they killed several people and left many injured.

Who would have thought that protesting for the right to live would be met with more deaths? It was a terrible day, one Nigerians would never forget in a long time, 20/10/2020.

At least I know, I will never forget!

The killings along with several other horror stories on the internet messed with my mental health for several days. I lost appetite, lost weight, lost the zeal to work, I was angry at the government and at everyone who didn’t support the movement, I was sad that lives were lost. It broke me that young people full of life and dreams met untimely death.

My emotions became a roller-coaster, one minute I was sad, the next I was angry, another time, I was feeling helpless and crying. Saying it out loud for the first time, I also felt like failure, I felt defeated. We lost so many people but still the government didn’t put an end to SARS, rather they changed the name to SWAT, what a joke.

Sometimes I also thought, it could have been me. I mean, I was on the street some days, you know?

Sincerely words are not enough to describe the feeling. Funny, I didn’t know how emotionally invested I was in this movement until those around mentioned it. Many told me to take a break and thankfully, I yielded and spent some time off social media.

Taking care of my mental health

A break out of social media was my first step to taking care of my mental health. I also didn’t read or listen to news for a few days so as not to get agitated some more.

I spent days at home listening to gospel music to calm my nerves and spirit. When I wasn’t listening to music, I was watching movies on Netflix or catching up with my favorite Youtuber on YouTube.

Cooking and eating homemade food was something I also enjoyed doing and spent time doing during these off days. Thankfully, my bosses were pretty involved in the movement too and so I also enjoyed some off time from work.

Made a few visits outside to take in some fresh air and stretch my legs but didn’t go any were far from the house as there were was a 24 hours curfew in Lagos.

I can say I was fully over the pain and hurt after a few days, but I was better and a little less angry. I was also inspired by the fact that the activities of the government to stop the Nigerian Youths didn’t end the movement. When I came back online, conversations around End Sars were still happening and a few changes being made.

Now with each passing day, I am hopeful for a better Nigeria and I am finally getting my mojo back.

Back Online

As much I would have loved to stay some more days off social media, I couldn’t because 90% of my work happens there. So now I am back on social media, but it doesn’t feel the same no more. Actually it feels weird posting fine pictures when so many people have died.

What else have I been doing???!! Retail therapy guys! Since coming back online, I have spent some thing changing a few thing I own, making an upgrade to my style and practicing a baby girl lifestyle on a budget. Literary trying different things to make me happy right now.

In subsequent posts, I will show you things I got, where I got them from and more. So fingers crossed until then.

Ok, I think I should stop here for now, tell me what did I miss from your side this past month.