Realized of recent I never really write about my hairstyles on the blog, not sure how I missed out on such important topic seeing that hairstyles for black women is a big deal. So today, let’s change that.

For me with every hairstyle comes a new look and unlocks a new level of confidence especially when I really love the style. So, I am starting this post on hairstyles with my favorites over the years;

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This post would be incomplete and non-existent without braids, I love, love, love braids, from box braids, to million braids, now knotless braids, I love them all.

Why? For obvious reason, braids are easy to maintain. As opposed to weavons  were I need to comb and style every morning, with braids all I need do is oil it and off I go.

Pony Tail

Another low maintenance hair for a lazy fashionista like me. I didn’t start doing ponytails until 2020, I thought it wouldn’t look good on me, but Alas, that was a lie from the pit of hell. Not only do I look stunning in pony tail hair styles, they are elegant and perfect for dates. To keep it poppin, all I need is keep spraying with gel, water and oil.

Bang or Fringe Hairstyles

I have a toxic relationship with bangs but I can’t stop making them both in long or short weaves. I hate that I have continuously tong to have it in place and watch how I sleep because if I sleep any how, the bangs will probably be flying when I wake then I need to visit the salon again for a retouch. Outside that, I really love bangs and they fit me so well.

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles popularly called “Rihanna” is one hair I don’t do often but really like too. I don’t make them often because it is so hard to get a stylist who is really good in cutting. When I do get a stylist I trust, I make short hair and rock them effortlessly. They are easy to maintain too, nothing a good old oil and brush can’t fix when you are on shorts.

Ghana weaving;

lockdown lessons

fine girl like me …

The thought of losing my front hair scares me from doing this as much as I would love to. But once in a while, I confront my fears and they come out looking good on me. This should be my next hair style soon fingers crossed.

Ok, these are my top 5 favourite hairstyles, thinking of making braids my signature look though. What do you think?

Anyway, these are some hairstyles for black women you can try out yourself.