The modern woman planner

This year I set really big goals for myself, and for the first time in history, I can boldly say that my goals frighten me. Motivational speakers would be very proud of me, I am learning.

Goal settingI am also proud of me for setting big goals, why? Well, last year I learnt the importance of dreams and goals, I learnt that life is a blank check and we all get what we want so long as we are ready to work for it. So why wouldn’t I dream big dreams and set big goals?

Outside how big the goals I set for myself are, I also love how deliberate they are, not to hype myself but everyday I see myself taking tiny steps towards my goals and it makes me so happy.

Goals setting tipsSometimes I even fear that if people look closely, they can comfortably say what my goals for 2021 are because of the thing I do. It is both beautiful and scary because I don’t want my goals jinxed lolz… do you believe goals can be jinxed?

So today, I want to share with you what I did differently with my goals setting…Goal setting tips

  1. I started my goal setting for 2021 early. By November 2020, I had already made a list of things I did well, things I didn’t do well, what changed, how I changed, what I did wrong and lots more. Let’s call it a life audit or year in review.
  2. From the life audit, I highlighted things I wanted to improve at and how I was going to improve at them.
  3. Still in December 2020, I got myself a planner to aid me in my goal setting. It is my first planner and I decided I wanted one because I wanted to be very deliberate with 2021. My planner is from Banke Sotomi.The modern woman planner
  4. I designed my dream life. Somewhere within the planner, we were asked to design our life in 1 year, 5 years, 10years and retirement. I did this without holding back, everything I have in my head for my life I wrote them down diving them into different stages.
  5. From my 1 year life design, I circled out 3 major goals for year 2021. This was also influenced by my life audit and things I needed to do better at.
  6. With the help of my planner, this 3 major goals are further divided into daily, weekly, quarterly and half year goals, this makes it easy for me to track and review easily.Goal settings
  7. With the goals broken down in bits, I also broke down how I intend to go after each goal and have milestones between each to help pace me.
  8. Everyday I plan my day, I go back to we’re I have written my 3 major goals and make sure I have included tiny steps in my day that align with the big picture.

This my friend is how I have set my goals for year 2021.

It’s ok if you haven’t set any goals yet, you still have time to work on it today and if you think there is something different you need to adjust or change from reading how I set mine, you can still do that too.Jessica Fortunes

Just remember to dream big, and set BIG goals