Fidjrosse beach, Cotonuo

Day 1 & Day 2 in Cotonuo was amazing, day 3 was nothing short of the same. Our initial travel plan was to visit Quidah but when the day came we decided to scrap that and instead see more of Cotonuo.

I am glad we made that decision because, that leaves something for me to look forward to when visiting Benin Republic again, plus 3 days spent in Cotonuo allowed us to really experience the people, food and culture as opposed to trying to play catch up visiting so many places in a short time.

Day 3 was a Sunday, we visited Dantokpa Market and Fidjrosse Beach.blacks travel too

The day started off with breakfast, and chills, we were home till 3pm before we headed out. Our first stop was the market, Dantokpa market is the largest open-air market in West Africa.

We figured we would find gifts to buy for family and friends at home from the market but, we made a mistake

Our mistake was waiting till Sunday to visit the market, there weren’t many stores opened, so we didn’t have much to do there. The good thing was, we had an opportunity to taste a few local delicacies.

My favorite was the Cotonuo bread and mashed beans, similar to our ‘ewa agoyin’, unfortunately, I forgot to ask what the beans was called in Cotonuo. Jessica Fortunes in Benin Republic

Since there wasn’t much to do at the market, we made our way to Fidjrosse beach. I was skeptical about visiting a beach because Lagos had a lot of those and I didn’t think there could be anything different between a beach in Cotonuo and that in Lagos, but I was wrong.

The Fidjrosse beach was different from beaches I had been to in Lagos in several ways, first was the fact that it spread so long across the city, also, there was no gate pass or restrictions, anyone could visit the beach at any time.

There’s more, the Fidjrosse beach had stronger waves and with the water came sea weeds. Fun fact,  I almost ran in fear when I saw some green leaves come out of the water, lol, thankfully, my travel buddies had more experience.

At the beach we took pictures, sat in the sang, walked around the beach, ate a few more snacks on the way, spoke to strangers and reminisced on the great time we had in the city of Cotonou, Benin Republic.Fidjrosse beach

We left the beach later at night, and made our way home to pack for our trip back home to Lagos.

I had a great holiday and birthday vacation in Cotonuo, thankful to God I got to do it and glad He gave me some amazing people to hit the road with. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my journey to Cotonuo as much as I enjoyed writing about it.Cotonuo to lagos

Incase you are looking to travel to Cotonuo, Benin Republic soon and need a cost breakdown, you should read day 1 & day 2 posts, soon I might do an actual cost break down post.

Till my next travel post, see you!