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My first book post for the year 2021 is Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, it was also my first book for the year and I absolutely loved it. In my opinion, it is a good book to start the year with, I loved it and I learnt a lot. I will tell you about what I learnt in a bit.

Meanwhile, I should mention that the author ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’ is not new on the blog. Her book ‘Big Magic’ was my favorite read last year and sincerely, it was one of the reasons I picked up another book from her, plus reviews online were pray love by elizabeth gilbert

The book ‘Eat Pray Love’ is a memoir of Elizabeth. She tells the story of her journey to self discovery after her divorce at the age of 34.

In search of self, she spent a year away from family, and friends in America, traveling to 3 countries, Italy, India and Bali spending 4 months in each respectively.

Worth mentioning is that she was traveling solo and didn’t know anyone in these countries, except for the medicine man in Bali who read her future. eat pray love

You would need to read the book to understand that (winks)!

Her experience in each of these countries are portrayed in the title of the book, in Italy she experienced great food, in India, it was spirituality and prayers, in Bali, she found love.

That’s a quick background of the book, it would give you some context as I share what I learnt from the book.

Lesson 1: There isn’t an end to self discovery. At the age of 34, married, with a career as a writer and a house, one would have guessed that Elizabeth had discovered herself but alas! She didn’t feel that way. Something was missing and despite the pain and uncertainty, she took up a quest to find pray love

Now I know that life doesn’t begin an end in my Twenties. The thought of I need to figure it all out, I need to find myself, I to decide on everything I want now isn’t all that valid. Rather, I know to enjoy the journey and discover new things about me as I evolve.

Lesson 2; Travel, Travel, Travel; Imagine taking a sabbatical to travel for a year, wow! Elizabeth did that and now. I want to travel too! If you have been following my blog long enough, you would know I love and breathe adventure. From reading the book ‘Eat Pray Love’, I had a renewed love for traveling, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. I also learnt that traveling changes you. After a year spent traveling, Elizabeth changed for better.

Lesson 3; If you want to control things in your life, work on you mind. This is one of my favorite quotes in the book, a friend of Elizabeth’s Richard said this to her while she was in India. Elizabeth was always sad, thinking about her past and couldn’t concentrate while meditating, hence the quote.

I learnt to select my thoughts, we are invariably what we think and we have the power to control our thoughts. If you think positive, you live a positive life, if you think negative, you live a negative life. So choose wisely.

Lesson 4; Let your conscience be your guide. Yet another favorite quote from ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. This quote was said to Elizabeth by the Medicine man in Bali, after every visit to his temple, he would bade her farewell with the quote.

After carefully thinking about it, I understood what he meant and how powerful it was. Can you remember how many times you wanted to do something wrong and you conscience tried to stop you? In those moments, you probably shut down your conscience. From this book, I learnt to allow your good inner mind lead, it would not lead you astray.
eat pray love
Lesson 5; You are your relationships, I believe Elizabeth had an amazing one year traveling because she met amazing people on her way. From her friends in Italy, to Richard to the Medicine man to Felipe and more, they were all good people and they impacted her positively.

This makes me want to invest more in people, build healthy relationships and be intentional about who I allow into my circle as they ultimately impact my life for good or bad.

Lesson 6; One God, several channels, several worshipers. In India, Elizabeth was focused on finding God, from reading, I gathered that India is quite spiritual and she actually experienced God while in the temple at different times.

There and then, I came to a conclusion that God is present every where, we humans have learnt to worship him in different ways and call him different names, but He is one God.

So, no religion is inferior.

There you have it, my take home from another amazing book. I hope you learnt something from reading too.