gift ideas for her

Ok, it’s that time of the year again, December, holiday season and gifting time! I particularly love the season because it represents love, joy, giving and, everything good in between.

As a child, I was always looking forward to receiving gifts in December, now as an adult; I look forward to not just receiving but also giving.

It feels like growth to me. I am sincerely looking forward to gifting people, and seeing their reactions this year as I have never really gifted anyone outside family. Is it weird that the thought of gifting people makes me happy?

Anyway, if you are like me, you are probably in search of things to get your loved ones so, on this post, I will share some gift ideas for her, with ‘her’ being any female in your life.  (Gift Ideas for him coming soon)!

Gift Ideas For her

  1. Customized Jewelry; there is something about customized items that rings special and gives me the thinking of you vibe, do you feel that way too? So yeah, you should definitely add gifting her customized necklace, bracelet, leg chain or ring to your list. If in any case you can’t get it customized in time for Christmas, then some jewelry would do. (It took a month to get my customized necklace). I got mine from @Luchyscloset on Instagram.
  2. Customized T-shirt; still talking about customized, another budget friendly gift idea for her would be a customized t-shirt with her favorite words, her nickname or full name or go the extra mile and put her face on it. Lolz, just be creative. Got mine from @o_yemcollections on ideas for her
  3. Skincare products; quick secret, every girl loves a good skincare product. It you can, find out her preferred skincare brand and buy a few items for her, she would love it! In case you don’t know her preferred brand, you should check out @amarisnaturel on Instagram, for organic skincare products.
  4. Hair Accessories; these are another affordable gift ideas for her. I mean, if you can’t buy a bone straight hair, you can at least buy her some good her accessories to beautify her hair. I am loving these Schrunchies from @shopdesua on Instagram, check them out!
  5. Scented Candles; these are divine… and very often rarely thought of. Gifting her some candles will leave her remembering you every time she lights it. There are several brands for you to check out but @danglifestyle_ on Instagram is doing it for me right now, check it out!scented candles


  1. Flowers; brother, I am talking about real flowers please. They are perfect gift ideas for her, be it your mum, sister, girlfriend, cousin etc, flowers brighten up a place and she would definitely have some bright smiles when you give her ideas for her7. Chocolates; yeah, you heard right! Show me a girl who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? I thought so too, so you can definitely get her some bars of chocolate this Christmas ideas for her8. Dresses; do I need to explain why this should be added as a gift idea for her? I feel like you already know this, so moving on.dresses for her9. Perfumes; she want’s to smell good brother, so get her a good perfume and she will be smiling and thinking of you any time she sprays it. These are from @scentsglow on Instagram, give them a try.perfumes for herOk, I will stop here for now, but feel free to get some more gift ideas for her from a list of things I got my mum for her birthday.

I hope with this, now you have an idea of what to get that special lady in your life and also, you know that you really don’t need to break a bank before you are able to gift her?

Gift ideas for him coming up soon!