how to make pancakes

The title ‘how to make pancakes’ had me smiling for a while, like me, Jessica? Writing a blog post relating to cooking? I am surprised at myself but since the lockdown and work from home began, I have found new ways to be productive and have fun.

One of such is cooking. I spend some time on Pinterest finding recipes and learning how to make something new. Most recently, I learnt to make pancakes, it was the first time for me but it came out well, I enjoyed having it, and makes for a great breakfast idea.

breakfast idea

There are several ways to make a pancake but I will tell you the fastest way to get it done.

How to make pancakes;

  1. Buy a pancake mix; don’t be like me who went looking for flour, baking powder, egg. sugar and all the rest. In my defence though, according to tutorials I watched those were the ingredients for pancakes, what they didn’t tell me was, there was ready-made pancake mix. I only found that out while roaming around the supermarket for flour, thank God I have sharp eyes. Once I found that my job was made easier.
    pancake mix

    Pancake mix

  2. Get a clean bowl and turning stick to mix

    pancake mix powder mixed with water to make a paste.

  3. Depending on how much you are making, pour your pancake mix into your bowl, add enough water to thicken it and make into a paste kinda.
  4. Heat up your fry pan, add little groundnut oil, then gently pour your mixed paste in to make a round patch.


  5. Wait for a few seconds to allow one side fry, then turn the next side to do the same.
  6. Once both sides are brownish enough, remove and put into a plate.
  7. Continue the process of adding your paste into oil, until you get your desired quantity.

That my friend is how to make pancakes. They are best eaten with syrup, honey. eggs, fruit, sausage and the rest. I had mine with honey and it was good, very filling too.

The whole meal cost about 1500 naira, got the pancake mix for 550naira and honey for about 900naira, other ingredients I had at home. It took less than 30 minutes to make and after two rounds, I was filled.

pancakes and honey


So, I hope you found this useful and let me know in the comments if you will be trying it out soon.

Thinking about this now, I think we should have a name for this series, Jess Cooks or Jessy’s Food? Let me know what you think.