Lagos living

A Friday night at Art Cafe, Victoria Island was definitely what I needed to get me out of my recent rot and sadness, plus I haven’t done a Lagos living kind of post in a while so why not.

Heard about the Art Cafe from a colleague in-charge of planning our quarterly team bonding activity to wrap up the 1st quarter of year 2021.

A quick scroll on Instagram using the hashtag #artcafelagos, I was excited to visit and take loads of pictures for the blog.

Jessica Fortunes at Art Cafe Lagos

A bae

Art Café is a cafe, bar & grill and tea room located at 282 Akin Olugbade Street in V.I. Finding the location was pretty easy, from Ogba, I got there in about 1hr with little or no traffic.

On arrival, one could see why it was called the ‘Art Cafe’, the decor was artistic and cozy, every content creators dream place to take pictures and videos for the gram.

OnyinyeI spent my first hour meeting up with Oyinyechi, one of my many friends courtesy Instagram, together we went around the facility to see what it had and take pictures.Art Cafe Lagos

Our starting point was the art shop right below the cafe. It had beautiful art works for sale, art lovers would definitely find a Artthing or two to buy.

The sad thing was, we couldn’t take lots of pictures as I had planned, apparently the cafe had a no picture/video policy to our utmost surprise, like who does that? Luckily, I had taken a few pictures before a staff informed us.Art Cafe

Soon it was time for my team bonding meeting with my colleagues so Onyinye and I bade our goodbyes.

Art CafeWith my colleagues, we filled up a room in the cafe to talk chat, drink and eat. I should mention the menu was quite pricey, incase you decide to visit, be prepared.Art Cafe VI

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the menu but as I can recall, drinks cost from 3,000 naira above, a bottle of table water was 1000 naira, pizza about 5,000 naira and even though no one on the team ate proper food like rice or swallow, our bill was almost a hundred thousand naira.Art Cafe

That’s not to scare you from visiting cause I believe you deserve the good things of life and it their defence, the food tasted good, my favourite was the banana crepe with chocolate, and they’ve got good ambience, perfect for a date.

ArtI left Art Cafe at around 10pm and it was still very vibrant with people dining and having a good time in general.

Will I visit again, definitely, but mostly for the view and to taste more dishes on their menu.