Amaris Naturel

Although I have never used natural and organic skincare products, I have heard about them a few times in the past. But December last year was my first time hearing and using a plant based skincare product, Amaris Naturel.

A quick research only confirmed what the name already suggested, Plant based products are made from plant ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The next question I had in my mind was, why not just call it an organic or natural product like the rest? so I asked the founder.

She replied “saying it is organic or natural would mean there are no synthetic in Amaris Naturel Products. Which is untrue, Amaris Naturel soap, and oils are made from 96% plants and 4% preservatives”.Amaris Naturel

The honesty for one made me more comfortable.

But truth be told, I had my doubts and was skeptical when the founder offered to gift me some products. Why you would ask? Who doesn’t like gifts? Plus didn’t I have it as a list of things I wanted in my Christmas wish list?

You are right, I love gifts and love the feel of the Amaris Naturel brand online, but bruh, this is my skin we are talking about!

My skin was doing well already from my basic skincare routine, why jinz it by adding something new? Even worse, a plant based skincare product made in Nigeria, I was scared!

What if my skin went from good to bad? Kudos to beauty influencers who try out new products from time to time to give their audiences accurate feedback, lolz, it can’t fit be me, lolz.

Anyways, I got Amaris naturel Tawny Mahogany Whipped Soap and Unscented Shea Oil in the first week on December but didn’t start using until mid-December, I was still consulting the gods, lolz.Amaris Naturel

When I eventually started using them, I introduced it to my mum too. I always use my skincare products with my mum because I trust her judgment on what product is good and that which is not.

Her first feedback on the soap, “I like the fragrance and how after washing, my face feels fresh with little or no oil after”, I affirmed to that, the soap gave a refreshing feel after using. For the Shea oil she said “I feel moisturized after using”.

So we kept using the products, at this point I stopped using my other skincare products, I wanted to feel the real impact of Amaris Naturel without aid.

Bruh, my skin went from good to great, my mum’s too, after just two weeks of consistently using them.Luxurious plant based skincare product

My skin was always glowing, so much I got scared. Scared that, is it bleaching my skin or changing my skin color? But my mum confirmed it wasn’t and I paid attention to my knuckles, they weren’t looking darker, so I was at ease again.

On the other hand, my mum was loving it! She goes, “let’s use it on our face only so it lasts longer, how much is it? I want to buy more; it is very good for my skin”. Every night, after washing up and before sleeping, my mum uses  the soap like powder, lolz… she rubs it on her face before sleep at night and washes off in the morning.

According to her, it helped her deal with sun burn and she loves it!

What more can I say? The Shea oil is all we use now for moist and it is perfect for the weather.

Neither the soap or oil is exhausted yet but I can already tell we will be getting more soon.

I am sold!Amaris Naturel

This is where I say, Amaris Naturel Tawny Mahogany Whipped Soap and Shea Oil have how been successfully added to my skincare routine.

Let the glowing continue!