airbnb apartment in cotonou

While researching and planning for my trip to Cotonou, I had two options for accommodation, an airbnb apartment in Cotonou or booking a hotel via These options were most popular amongst travel enthusiast on Instagram hence I settled to choose a place to stay on either of them.

The first choice was staying at a hotel, in my opinion they would have better security. But while scanning through Airbnb in Cotonuo, I saw this really cute apartment picture and I was sold.airbnb in cotonou

Even though the pricing was higher than my budget, I couldn’t get it out of my head, I tired several times to convince myself it was above my budget but  I could see myself taking pictures and making videos at different corners of the room.

So like a wise woman once said “if you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it”. I put on my thinking cap and started a search for travel buddies who would be travelling to Cotonuo for Easter.airbnb apartment

At this point, it was just Onyinye who had signified interest in the trip. So I told her about this really cute airbnb apartment in cotonou, sent her pictures of the apartment, like me, she was excited, then told her the price was above our budget and the only way we could afford the apartment was if we had more people travelling with us.

Together, we started our search for travel buddies, by 29th of March; Onyinye confirmed to me that she had two male friends who were interested in joining the trip, since the apartment had two rooms, I agreed, the traveler in me was determined, lol.airbnb apartment

The apartment was called Le petit PARIS on airbnb and for 4 guest per night, it cost $118 (45,000 naira approximately), with service and cleaning fee costing $35 and $24 respectively.airbnb in cotonou

For 2 nights we paid a total of $294.71 (111,000 naira) on the 31st of March to reserve the apartment from 2nd of April to the 4th of April. Upon making payment, our host reached out to confirm our arrival time, and a number we can reach him on when we arrived Cotonuo.

This helped put my mind to rest as I was scared of paying a total stranger so much money, but I remembered they had great reviews, so I was assured it wasn’t a scam.airbnb in Benin republic

When we arrived Cotonuo, we contacted the host, he confirmed our check-in time was 3pm so we went to a restaurant to hang around, some minutes past 2pm, he called and directed us to the accommodation, the accommodation is located at “trois banque”, it was about an hour and some minutes’ drive from Seme Border.

My first thought of the building was, ok, I never really thought about how the building would be, I was more concerned about the apartment itself. The building looked ok, had a big compound with several buildings, it looked like an old building but well maintained.


outside the compound

There was also a security guard and two dogs in the compound.

airbnb apartment in cotonou

inside the compound

Soon after packing our bags from the car, we made our way upstairs to the apartment with the host leading us. Once inside, it was exactly like the pictures I had seen online. It was beautiful.

Myself and my travel buddies, Onyinye, Arinze, and Jordan spent the first few minutes admiring the beauty we were in, moving from kitchen to bedrooms, to rest room, passage, checking out every corner of the apartment.airbnb in benine republic

It felt like home away from home, plus we had great wi-fi connection, Televisions, air conditioner, kitchen utensils, constant light and water. The only thing faulty was the oven, we had plans of baking a cake but the oven wasn’t working.

It was easy to overlook that little inconvenience because everything else was working and we loved it.

I could try to describe the beauty of the apartment, but I would rather allow you see all of that in the video I shot.

For my experience in it, it was so comfortable, in fact too comfortable, lolz, we spent more time in the house chilling, than actually exploring Cotonuo and when it was time for us to leave on the 4th of April, we decided to extend our stay till the 5th and that cost us an additional 60,000 naira.

In all honesty, I couldn’t complain, the Le petite PARIS airbnb apartment in Cotonuo was one of the things I enjoyed bout my stay in Cotonou and my travel buddies felt the same way. Onyinye’s favorite place was the kitchen and she cooked all through our stay because of how nice the kitchen was.

I need to end this here, lolz. Now you can go watch video on my Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe.

Let’s continue my trip to day 2