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January 17, 2020, and I am just coming here to say happy New Year to you? Oh, my God Jessica, you deserve to be caned. To think part of my goal for 2020 is to write every day, look at me, and the goal. 17 days into the new year and I am just writing my first blog post for the year, my apologises fam, I don’t deserve you all but I am glad to have you all and I promise to do better!

Vision board flyer

Vision board flyer

Permit me to say Happy New Year guys!! I hope this New Year brings you all your heart desires and more. Mind telling me how the New Year has been for you? I mean, it is technically a New Year until the end of January, so please humor me.

For me, 2020 started with me hosting two offline events, sit tight, I will tell you all about it in a bit. Remember the vision board party I hosted in December, the one here? Remember I mentioned hosting another one in January 2020? Well, I did it! Hosted the vision board party for twenty-somethings on the 7th of January, 2020, this was after hosting a podcasting workshop for podcasters in Lagos, Nigeria on the 4th of January 2020 with two amazing podcasters, Yvonne of the Beautiful Mind Podcast and Mo of the Mosibyl Podcast. In total, that is 3 events in less than a month, wow!!! Go, Jessy!! Allow me to clap for myself please, had a couple of sleepless nights in between all these, I deserve some pampering.

So literarily, I had events back to back in the first two weeks of January, that is a perfect excuse for why I haven’t been here people and I deserve your forgiveness, thank you. This is also why; I figured dropping some quick tips on how to host an event would be a great way to get back on your good side.

podcast event

podcast event for podcasters in Lagos

Ain’t I just amazing? You know I am and you love me, I love you too. I am not claiming to be an event planner, but since I have had a couple of you reach out to me for tips on hosting events, that means, I did something right and I am willing to share. Now let’s get right into it, shall we?

how to host an event

Guests at my vision board party 2.0

7 Tips to host a successful event;

  1. Have a vision; what type of event are you hosting, how do you want it set up, what feel do you what from it, what is the goal,these and more are questions you need to answer within yourself before you start planning an event. I would advice you have a picture of what you are trying to achieve, check Pinterest for inspiration.
how to host an event

set up for the podcasting event

2. Plan; you must have heard the saying “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”? I agree with this saying and so I encourage you to plan. Planning involves the date of the event, venue, time, number of guests, feeding, décor, weather, etc. Basically dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, so nothing takes you unaware, I advise you make a list of everything you would need; for a vision board party, check here, for any other type of event, Google is your best friend.

Do well to leave room for emergencies or the unexpected, because no matter how perfect you try to make things, certain things are really beyond your control and would go the other way regardless, don’t take this personal but do your best still and pray.

how to host a vision board party

set up for the vision board party 2.0

3. Promote; this is me guessing it’s a paid event or you plan on inviting people other than your family and close friends. Either of these requires some sort of promotion, while the first requires extra/rigorous promotion. It’s never easy getting people to part with their hard-earned money, hence you have to do the work.

A post I read on marketing said people had to see a product at least 7 times before they decide to patronize, so I posted flyers of my events every day across my platforms until the final day. I remember someone paid a day to the event and another on the day of the event, so do not get tired or discouraged.

how to host a successful event

more pictures from the podcasting event

4. Follow up; another difficult task is getting people to show up. For my vision board party, two people paid but didn’t show up despite me sending emails days leading up to the day of the event, I promised myself that next time, I would put a call through to avoid such in future events. Then for a free event, get ready for heartbreaks dear, I remember people canceled on the day of the event, some didn’t bother showing up or giving reasons, after hosting four events, I have learned that such is life.

vision board event

Cynthia with her vision board for 2020

So don’t beat yourself up about it, just do your best and make them wish they showed up. I remember someone who came for the vision board party saying, I missed the free headshot (my first event), I wasn’t going to miss this too. I was glad, again it means I did a good job of peppering those who didn’t show up, so mission accomplished.

5. Execute; when the day comes, give it your best! All those planning, those ideas, and those things you wrote down put them to action. Go all out dear, according to Nike, “just do it!” Watch your plans come to reality one step at a time.

how to host an event

More pictures from the vision board party 2.0

6. Get Feedback; no better way to learn than from your mistakes, so ask your guests, what they didn’t like, what they would have preferred, what they liked, take all this into consideration for your next event. Most important, don’t let negative feedback stop you from patting yourself for a job well done.

vision board party

Guests and their vision boards for 2020

7. Take pictures; for reference purposes, and to pepper those who didn’t show up or pay, take loads of pictures of moments from the event and upload them everywhere for everyone who cares to see.

Not sure this is where it ends but with these tips, you are better prepared to host your event. Have any more questions? Drop them in the comment, I will be sure to reply.

Once again, Happy New Year!!!

how to host an event in 2020

the joy after a successful event…. it is priceless