Work from home

Working From Home is the new cool! If you don’t think so, I doubt you have a choice now giving that the almighty COVID 19 has forced us all to go back home. This is in no way to make light of the current pandemic threatening the whole world, but rather to make the already obvious more clearer, working from home might become our new reality!

Again I am in no way saying this pandemic will never end because it definitely will. Just like the Influenza pandemic in 1918, this also will pass and we all will be able to go outside again, hopefully, sooner than later. But one thing this pandemic has shown is, most jobs can be done from the comfort of our beds.

I personally have been working from home for a while, remember when I mentioned here that I left my remote job after having worked from home for 2 years and I was tired, well dearies, I didn’t last there. Luckily, got a job that allows me to work twice in the office and thrice at home, so I guess I can say I have some experience working from home even before the mandatory lockdown.

That is why in this blog post, I would like to share some tips that have helped me stay productive while working from home.

4 Ways To Stay Productive When Working From Home

  1. Prioritize; while working from home, there are a lot of distractions that threaten to take you away from work. This is understandable because there will always be one thing or the other to do but always remember, work from home is not a holiday, it is work. So prioritize and pay attention to what is more important, the good thing is by working from home, you can take breaks in between.
  2. Plan; I personally have a note where I write down my to-do list in order of priority. This helps me see what I have to do, what I have done or accomplished, what is left and in case I forget a task, every time I look into my note, I am reminded. I would advice you have the same too.
  3. Take breaks; like you would while working from the office, take breaks. Get food to eat, chat with friends, stretch or lie down, just don’t over stress yourself. Even I would advice you have closing hours, again, I have a closing time even while working at home so I can also work on personal projects.
  4. Communicate; working at home is not an opportunity to work in isolation, rather this is the time work as a team. Hence, I would advice that you have check-ins with your team. talk about your challenges and ask about theirs.

Well, those are my tips for you while working from home, I hope you found this helpful. In the meantime, you can watch my YouTube video where I share my work from home routines.