places to visit in Ibadan

One of the first things I do when picking a location to explore is find out the best places to visit while there. So when I decided to visit Ibadan, I asked a few friends who lived there the best places to visit in Ibadan, they gave me a number of places and I had the opportunity to visit 4 places.

So you don’t have to ask as much questions as I did, I will share with you places I visited and what thought about each.

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Mapo Hall; does anyone visit Ibadan and not visit Mapo? I doubt it! Mapo is that place you visit to mark attendance and take pictures for Instagram. That’s what I did too, plus I got to listen to a tour guide talk about the history Of Mapo, and show some famous spots from the top of the building. I strongly recommend you do not visit Mapo on a weekend, it is a hall, so events are likely to be held at different parts of the hall, which restricts you during your visit.

Stone Café; this is a restaurant in Ibadan recommended by two friends. So when I was hungry, I decided to check it out and according to Bolt ride, it was about 15mins away from Mapo Hall. On reaching there, I was pleasantly surprised. Coming from Lagos, I didn’t think I would find a restaurant aesthetically pleasing in Ibadan, but Stone Café did a number. The food was good, the drink great, customer service beautiful, I sincerely can’t fault them, so you should visit too if you are Ibadan.

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA); this list would be incomplete if I didn’t mention IITA, read about my experience here. Though this more ideal if you are looking to sleep over. So if you are on a beacation, vacation etc and need somewhere to stay at, think IITA.

Zoological garden U.I; this is located at the University of Ibadan. I first visited the zoo while in university and enjoyed visiting, they had a lot of animals and most were in good condition. I tried visiting again during recent trip to Ibadan but the place was locked. Not sure if it was as a result of COVID or ASUU strike but if you are in around the area and you are looking for places to visit in Ibadan, check it out.

There you have it, these are a few places I have visited in Ibadan and loved. If you have more places you think should be on the list, you leave them in the comment box. Guess what state in Nigeria I will be visiting next?