Errm.. this really isn’t for pity party biko! I mean who doesn’t deal with failure? True, I was hurt, actually, some still hurt but, I am good. I learned from them and I think I am better for it. And weird as it may, I want to pour it out here. Not for pity’s sake, but for documentation.

Yeah! Remember, this is a journey to greatness in writing, and as you would expect, there will always be bad days. You can also check out some life lessons I have learned.

Having said that, here are a few times I got dealt with in life;

Times I felt like a failure


  1. One time an uncle told me I was the ugliest in the family(this happened while I was still in junior secondary but I never forgot about it. The amazing thing is, as an adult he came back to say “I never knew you could be this fine oh!” Thank God I did not kill myself then).
  2. I was always among the top 5 in secondary school, but then, I moved to another school to finish senior class, I could not cope. That year I had an E. Felt so bad I changed it to a D before I got home.
  3. I tried gaining admission into one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria; I did not make the cut-off. For fear of staying a year at home, I settled for another school with less prestige.
  4. I wanted to study law, but again, I did not make it and I settled for English.
  5. While I waited for admission, I tried fashion designing but never finished.
  6. Carried over a course at 200 level after vowing to myself never to and I cried for days.
  7. In school now, I enrolled in another fashion, never finished.
  8. Times I went for job interviews and never got a callback.
  9. While I waited to get a job, I enrolled in another fashion school, finished (I think), but stopped that business.
  10. Times I sent in applications for jobs but never got a response.
  11. Several times, I went for casting auditions by never got a job or role.
  12. One time I was told I had gotten a job with a radio station, I was excited. I went home, prepared my topics, scripts and a day to my supposed resumption day, I got a call. I was told to hold on; there were issues that needed to be resolved in the station. I never heard back from them.
  13. Started a bag business, that did not last up to a year.
  14. Lost my first job less than a year into it.
  15. Several times, I had clients, agreed on price and contract but never heard back from them.
  16. I started a lifestyle blog, did not work out well
  17. I tried beauty vlogging, nothing came out of it.
  18. Started a gossip blog, that is dead now.
  19. Enrolled in driving school, cannot move a car still.
  20. Worked for a month plus, was not paid
  21. Lost a job less than 2 months into it.
  22. Applied for a visa to the Uk, was rejected.

Times I felt like a failure

The list really goes on. But for the sake of this article, I will stop here. Oops, I decided to make it 22 because ya girl turned 22 this year. Before you ask, yes, I will be sure to share with you all the failure as they come.  

Times I felt like a failure

In the meantime, do share with me some of the times you felt like a failure.