Typing this and I have a smile on my face, thinking about last year when I wrote a similar post and how so much has changed since then. One for instance was how I was all about jumping from one concert to the other this time 2019 but today, I am on a desk, working and hating the fact that I am working on holidays.

Then I remember how busy I was sending out my CV and resume last year because I had just resigned from a job and was unemployed, this life ehen, it finds a way to humble one all the time.

So as 2020 ends, all I feel is gratitude. Grateful for the ups and downs, grateful for family, friends, a thriving career, good health, grateful to still be standing because this year sure brought a lot of crazy and even more grateful for the lessons I learnt throughout the year.

If I had to describe the year in 3 words it would be ‘Learning, Relearning & Unlearning’ and I do not take any of it for granted, so allow me to share my top 12 lessons with you as the year comes to a close.2020 reveiw

In no particular order,

  1. Intentional Living is bae; this year I learnt to be intentional about the life I want to live and actually put in place the little things needed to make it happen. Life more often gives you what you ask for. I hate to sound like a motivational speaker but, it is within your human power to determine the outcome of your life, it is just going to cost you. This I learnt and have decided to run with, refusing to settle.
  2. Showing up will always be more important than being perfect; I beat myself up so many times over the quality of my videos, audios and pictures. I believe they should be so much better by now, but guess what? When I get reviews from people regarding content I put out, no one mentions the quality. So I keep showing up with what I have and continue to improve as I grow.
  3. Money is important; let no one deceive you, money makes your journey easier. I did more this year because I had different streams of income. By more I mean visited more places, traveled out of Lagos, did a wardrobe change, changed my laptop and so on. If I didn’t have that, wahala oh. So in all your getting, get money! (legally please)
  4. Build relationships; I suck at this, but I do not underrate its importance.  90% of the jobs I got this year were from referrals, recommendations, tags and the likes. Also, the best advice I got were from people in my corner. Many times this year I felt overwhelmed, confused and inadequate but there was always a word from someone close that helped me through.Jessica Fortunes 2020
  5. No one owes you self development. My boss said, “it is called personal/self development because it is on you to make it happen.” Stop waiting for your company or parents, go out of your way to take courses, read books, watch videos, just find new ways to improve yourself everyday.
  6. No skill is a waste. I had the opportunity to work with a production company this year and bruh though I was employed as a presenter and to curate content, I learnt on the job how to edit audios and videos. I am not pro yet but guess what? That little skill I gained helped me in getting a new job.
  7. It only gets better. The changes might not be instant but as long as you keep at it, you will definitely get better at it.
  8. As you think, so are you. If you are a Christian, the bible already spells this out, and this year, I experienced it. My thoughts even though not spoken had the power to control my mood, my activities, behavior, outcome and life in general. The moment I realized this, I made it a deliberate thing to keep positive thoughts only.
  9. Mental health is just as important as physical health care. Resist any thing that can cause it to suffer.
  10. Happiness is an inside job. All you need to be happy is right within you, despite things not moving as fast as I planned, I found news ways to make me happy.
  11. Stay grateful. One reason I am able to make a big deal of the things I do, is because I am grateful for every opportunity I get regardless off how big or small. What I have learnt is, gratitude opens bigger doors.
  12. There is a God!Jessica

There you have it, 12 lessons I learnt in the year 2020. Did any resonate with you? Please feel free to also share lessons you learnt from the year 2020 and a happy new year in advance to you!

See you in 2021!