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Welcome to my little space on the internet where I share with you all my adventures!

I am Jessica Fortune

 … a confused 22 year old and owner of this blog. This space is all about my journey through life as I experiment with discovering my passion, values and most importantly, MYSELF!

Twenty-somethings Rant Podcast

I am also the brain behind the ‘Twenty-somethings Rant Podcast’. This is a little corner I created for myself and fellow twenty-somethings to rant.

 Every week, myself and a guest rant about our struggles.


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Jessica at the Lagos Coffee Festival

Lagos Coffee Festival

With the everyday October rain in Lagos, the Lagos Coffee Festival couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Life Update

Hi guys, see who is back to blogging, me! (smiles)… errm, let’s catch up quickly with a life update.

my first paid event, SLAY festival

My First Paid Event; SLAY Festival 2019

Hey guys, see who attended SLAY Festival 2019? Me, your girlie!!! Lol! I am so proud of myself.

My NYSC Experience

I Miss My NYSC Experience

Life is so crazy. How in God’s name can I miss My NYSC experience in less than six months of finishing?


22 Lessons I Learnt Before 22

A new year in one’s life is always a good time to go down memory lane and as I turned 22, on the 3 of April 2019, I couldn’t help but think of all the lessons I have learned in the 22 years of my life.

Jessica Fortune Oguh

Leaving My Remote Job; Pros And Cons Of Remote Jobs

Is it just me or is everyone really looking to get a remote job now?

Life After University, What Next?

Hey! Life after university is not as blissful as we thought oh! Remember how we could not wait to leave the four walls of the university?

Jessica fortunes lifestyle change

My Lifestyle Change

I am about to tell you a little secret about me, I trust you not to snitch on me, so let’s do this.

My Experience At Felabration 2018

Call me a naive young girl looking for adventure, and sought after it at Fela Shrine. Didn’t I hear stories? Of course, I did but I wanted to experience it and experience it, I did!

An afternoon at omu resort

Lagos Living || An Afternoon Exploring Omu Resort

I heard so much about the Omu Resort, that when an opportunity came to visit there, I was elated. I spent the day before surfing the internet for what to expect, how to dress, things to do, you know, just getting prepared in general.


22 Times I Felt Like A Failure

Errm.. this really isn’t for pity party biko! I mean, I was hurt, actually, some still hurt but, I am good. I learned from them and I think I am better for it. And weird as it may, I want to.....

lagos leather fair

My Lagos Leather Fair Experience

Sincerely, I didn’t go for the Lagos Leather Fair because I wanted to or because I was excited about it, I went there because work called and I had to answer. Now though, I am glad I went for the event.